8天7晚 黄山 + 千岛湖 + 宏村

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    相关非大马公民签证 (如需要)
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  • Huangpu River Night Cruise [RMB]
    夜船游黄浦江 [人民币]
  • Compulsory 强制项目
  • Huiyun Show, Shanghai Xintiandi, Suzhou Grand Canal (Boat Ride), Suzhou Guanqianjie, Wuxi Yaohan [RMB]
    徽韵歌舞秀,上海新天地,苏州船游古运河,苏州观前街,无锡八佰伴 [人民币]
    Adult Price : 350.00 | Child Price : 350.00
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✔ Three Kingdoms City + Ancient Warship Tour Taihu + Sanying Zhan Lu Buxiu
✔ Let you personally experience the boat tour "Thousand Island Lake, West Lake, Ancient Canal, Tai Lake"
✔ Experience Shanghai's prosperity at Shanghai's “The Bund” and watch world-class night scenes
✔ Overnight at Huangshan Peak Hotel, experience the beauty of sunrise and the beauty of the sea of clouds
✔ The Oscar Best Foreign Language Film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was filmed here - "Hong Cun"
✿ Wu Xi Spare Ribs
✿ Tai Hu Flavor
✿ Dumpling Flavor
✿ Farmers Feast
✿ Water Flavor
✿ Huang Shan Own Flavor
MOB / D 5☆ Kaiyuan Man Hotel or similar

Suzhou Harmony Times Square / LED Atrium / Outlook Jinji Lake / Outlook Suzhou Bird Nest / Moon Harbor

Suzhou Harmony Times Square - Is the biggest shopping complex business property project ever in Suzhou history. A 500m LED Atrium makes it become a well known landmark in Suzhou.
Suzhou Bird Nest - Located in the west of international Expo Center, surrounded on three sides by water, the scenery is elegant, also the largest comprehensive cultural venues, building is beautiful and majestic.

B / L / D 4☆ Noble Crown Hotel or similar

Silk Exhibition House + Fashion Show/ Li Lake Park / Outlook Panmen Scenic Spot / Tai Lake Pearl Museum / Sanyang Plaza Station.

Li Lake Park - Located in China Jiangsu Wuxi city, is an open park and Four Seasons Forest Set Garden. Outlook Panmen Scenic Spot - Panmen is a historical landmark in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. It is located on the south-west corner of the Main Canal or encircling canal of Suzhou. 
Sanyang Plaza Station - Sanyang Centre is the largest metro station of China.

B / L / D 4☆ Guomai Hotel or similar

Teapot Museum / Three Kingdoms Movie Studio / San Guo Show / Taihu Lake (Cruise) / Huangshan Museum / Tunxi Walking Street

Three Kingdoms City - Built by the Tai Lake, the purpose of the Three Kingdoms Movie Studio was for CCTV station to film the TV series of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” scene.
Sanguo Show - It is the largest show in “Three Kingdoms Movie Studio, It is also the Highlight of the Tunxi Old Street - It has the most comprehensive commercial street with Song, Ming and Qing dynasties’ style.

B / L / D 4☆ Beihai Hotel or similar

Zhuangyuan Museum / Hong Village / Huangshan Scenic Area (Include Cable Car)

Hong Village - Is the most representative village in the village of Huizhou, known as the “Chinese painting in the village” reputation, Oscar best foreign language film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in this framing shooting. 
Huangshan Scenic Area - The world’s cultural and natural heritage, the world’s geological park, 5A-class tourist area demonstration sites, China top ten famous mountain.

B / L / D 4☆ Pijiu Holiday Hotel or similar

Huangshan Sunrise / Bright Summit / Huangshan Clouds / Huangshan Songjing / West Sea Scenic / North Sea Scenic

Huangshan Sunrise - Huangshan peak see the sunrise, not only to see dawn on the peak, but also to see the sea of clouds.
Bright Summit - Located in the middle of Huangshan, 1860 meters sea level, the second peak for the Huangshan, TianDu Feng and lotus peak called as the Three Peak of Huangshan.
West Sea - Scenic in the danxia peak are 1664 meters above sea level. This peak from Pai YunTing nearby all the new sites winding mountain path, climb to the top, can view Sunrise or sunset.

B / L / D 4☆ Ruiqi International Hotel or similar

Qiandao Lake (Cruise) / Wulong Island / Suodao Island / West Lake (Cruise) / Over Looking Leifeng Pagoda / Liu Lang Wen Ying / Changqiao park

Qiandao Lake - A beautiful artificial lake with well balanced ecosystem, and 1078 large islands dot the lake and a few thousand smaller ones are scattered across it. Not only beautiful scenery on the Lake, and each island in the lake have different beautiful of views. 
Wulong Island - Wulong Island is now known as Moonlight island, is the Thousand Island Lake Lake District, one of the most poetic romantic and unique charm of the attractions. 
Suodao Island - Suodao Island is the island of Zhejiang Province Qiandao main lake island, the island like a giant lock. Thousand Island Lake is a tourist scenic spot around Zhejiang. 
Liu Lang Wen Ying - Liu Lang Wen Ying predecessor is the Southern Song Dynasty Garden. After that it renamed as “scattered garden”.
Changqiao Park - Located in the South-East corner of West Lake in Zhejiang Province, Nanshan road, next to the bridge. Changqiao bridge is one of the three lover bridge.

B / L / D 4☆ Zhizi Hotel or similar

Longjing Tea / Nanjing Road / City God Temple of Shanghai / M50 Creative Park / Jade Museum

Nanjing Road - Is the main shopping street of Shanghai, China, and is one of the world’s busiest shopping streets. The street is named after the city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province neighbouring Shanghai.
Chenghuang Culture Street - Was built in the Ming Dynasty, is a Taoist temple, visitors from outside the temple, visitors from outside the temple, such as weaving, various snack bars can be heard shouting, very lively.
M50 - It is based on the M50 Creative Park and makes full use of the resources and pooled resources of the park.

B / L / MOB Home Sweet Home

Tianzifang / Tong Ren Tang

Tianzifang - Is a touristic arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated traditional residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai, China. It is now home to boutique shops, bars and restaurants. Transfer to airport after Lunch. We hope you enjoy your trip with Best Holiday.

❋ Silk exhibition hall ❋ Taihu Pearl Exhibition Hall ❋ Purple Sand (teapot) Museum ❋ Longjing tea ❋ Jade Museum ❋ Tong Ren Tang
✔ 三国城 + 古战船游太湖 + 三英战吕布秀
✔ 让你亲身体验船游《千岛湖,西湖,古运河,太湖》
✔ 于上海《外滩》感受上海繁华,观看世界级夜景
✔ 夜宿黄山山顶酒店一晚,体验日出风光及云海的美
✔ 奥斯卡最佳外语片《卧虎藏龙》 曾在此取景拍摄 - 《宏村》
✿ 无锡排骨
✿ 太湖风味
✿ 小笼包风味
✿ 农家宴
✿ 水乡风味
✿ 黄山本家风味
第 1
吉隆坡 - 上海 - 苏州
机上用餐 / 晚 5☆ 开元曼巨大酒店或同级

圆融时代广场 / LED天幕秀 / 外观金鸡湖 / 外观苏州鸟巢 / 月光码头

圆融时代广场 - 圆融时代广场是集购物、餐饮、休闲、娱乐、商务、文化,旅游等诸多功能于一体的大规模。
LED天幕秀 - 拥有长达500米天幕走廊,整个“天幕”由2000多万只超高亮度的LED灯组成实在令人目不转晴。
月光码头 – 位于苏州工业园区金鸡湖东北岸,月光码头的设计充分利用基地的景观和滨水优势。

第 2
苏州 - 无锡
早 / 午 / 晚 4☆ 鼎尚皇冠大酒店或同级

丝绸展览馆 + 服装表演 / 蠡湖公园 / 清明桥街区 / 外观盘门三景 / 太湖珍珠展览馆 / 三阳广场

蠡湖公园 - 全园以植物造景为主,以‘春之媚’,秋之韵,冬之凝,四季林木布景置园。
盘门三景 - 盘门是苏州仅存的古城门遗迹,盘门的水陆城门并存在全国绝无仅有。
三阳广场 - 三阳广场站是无锡地铁建设规模最大的车站,也是目前中国最大的地铁车站。

第 3
无锡 - 屯溪
早 / 午 / 晚 4☆ 国脉大酒店或同级

紫砂博物馆 / 三国城 / 古战船游太湖 / 三英战吕布秀 / 黄山博物馆 / 屯溪老街

三国城 - 三国城在太湖边上而建,是中央电视台为拍摄8电视剧《三国演义》而建的影视基地。
古战船游太湖 - 中国四大淡水湖之一《太湖》。
三英战吕布秀 - 是三国城内最大,最精彩的演出,该节目是《三国演义》的拍摄情节。展现了古代战争。
屯溪老街 - 中国保存最完整的具有宋、明、清时代建筑风格的商业街。

第 4
屯溪 + 宏村 - 黄山
早 / 午 / 晚 4☆ 北海宾馆或同级(黄山山顶)

状元博物馆 / 黟县 / 宏村 / 黄山风景区(缆车上)/ 北海景区 / 迎客松

状元博物馆 - 中国状元博物馆是目前唯一一家以展示状元文化为已任的。
黄山风景区 - 黄山自古以来就是中国数一数二的名山,雾凇、雪景、日出也是游人不会错过的景观。

第 5
黄山 - 千岛湖
早 / 午 / 晚 4☆ 啤酒假日酒店或同级

黄山日出 / 光明顶 / 黄山云海 / 西海景区 / 北海景区 / 缆车下

黄山日出 - 黄山看日出,不仅能看到太阳初露山头,还能看到彩色云海,让人心胸顿时开阔。
光明顶 - 位于黄山中部,海拔1860米,为黄山第二高峰,与天都峰、莲花峰并称黄山三大主峰。
西海景区 - 西海景区是观黄山云海、落日的极佳地点。这里簇拥著许多箭林般的峰巒,大峰磅礴,小峰重叠。
千岛湖 - 1078个岛组成的岛,那水色,浓浓淡淡,浅浅深深,浅淡似翠绿的丝绸,深浓如湛蓝的大海。

第 6
千岛湖 - 杭州
早 / 午 / 晚 4☆ 瑞麒国际酒店或同级

船游千岛湖 / 五龙岛 / 锁岛 / 直趣园 / 船游西湖 / 远眺雷峰塔 / 柳浪闻莺 / 苏提春晓 / 花港观鱼 / 长桥公园

五龙岛 - 五龙岛现名月光岛,是千岛湖中心湖区一个最具诗意浪漫和独特韵味的景点。
锁岛 - 锁岛是浙江省千岛湖湖心岛,岛形似巨锁。千岛湖是浙江周边的一处旅游风景名胜之地。
真趣园 - 该园是一个带有浓郁岭南特色的盆景园。全园景色简洁古朴,落落大方,整体布局严谨。
柳浪闻莺 - 柳浪闻莺前身是南宋的御花园聚景园。改称“散景园”,后改为迁居杭州回民的墓地。
花港观鱼 - 花港观鱼是由花、港、鱼为特色的风景点。西湖十景之一。
长桥公园 - 长桥是西湖三大情人桥之一,一说梁祝十八相送到此饯别,在桥上来来回回走了十八里路。

第 7
杭州 - 上海
早 / 午 / 晚 4☆ 栀子酒店或同级

龙井问茶 / 南京路步行街 / 城隍庙商业街 / M50创意园 / 玉器博物馆 / 外滩

南京路 - 是位于中国上海市的一条世界知名的商业街。路旁遍布着各种上海老字号商店级商城。
城隍庙商业街 - 上海老城隍庙旅游区包括了城隍庙的步行街,古色古香。
M50创意园 - 意在以M50创意园为基础,充分利用园区资源聚集的能力和汇集起来的资源

第 8
上海 - 吉隆坡
早 / 午 / 机上用餐 温暖的家

温暖的家 田子坊 / 同仁堂

田子坊 - 使得曾经的街道小厂,巷子废弃的厂库,石库门里弄的平常人家多了艺术气息熏染。

❋ 丝绸展览馆 ❋ 太湖珍珠展览馆 ❋ 紫砂博物馆 ❋ 龙井问茶 ❋ 玉器博物馆 ❋ 同仁堂
The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements. 上述行程仅供参考,原则上本公司会尽量保持内容不变,然而正确行程乃依据当地接待社按当时实际情况重新调整后为准。