6天4晚 粤玩粤好玩 + 清远 / 云天玻霸玻璃桥

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  • Qingyuan Gulongxia Glass Bridge Yuntian Boba broke four world records - the world's largest, longest, widest, highest + sightseeing theme tram / along the Huahai River. Shuttle the new city landmark. Take a look at the flower city. Enjoy the new look of Guangzhou [RMB]
    清远古龙峡玻璃桥云天玻霸破四项世界记录 - 世界最大.世界最长.世界最宽.世界最高 + 醉观光主题有轨电车/沿著花海江畔.穿梭新城地标.一览花城旖旎.领略广州新貌 [人民币]
    Adult Price : 550.00 | Child Price : 550.00
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✔ Take a tour of the famous ShiJingShan Park, ZhuHai Fisher Girl, Former residence of ZhongShan, GuangZhou Opera House
✔ Visit Zhuhai Fishermen, a charming attraction in Zhuhai, couples on the beach
✔ Visit Macau's landmark building "Ruins of St. Paul's"
✔ Take a luxury cruise on the Pearl River and enjoy the night view of Guangzhou
✔ Visit the Venetian Resort in Macau
✿ Master Pieces
✿ Tangren Street Food
✿ Cantonese Cuisine
✿ Xiguan Customs
✿ YuePinXuan Flavor
✿ Qingyuan Chicken Flavor
MOB 5☆ Royal Duke Cherrabah Hotel or similar

Assemble at Airport, depart flight to Macao.

B / L / D 5☆ Nanyang King’s Gate Hotel or similar

Yuntian Boba breaks four world records, the world's largest, longest, widest, and highest - Gulongxia Glass Bridge / Tourist Tram

Gulongxia Glass Bridge - Gulongxia Glass Grand Canyon, also known as Yuntian Buba, is a combination of high-altitude sightseeing glass with glass platform + glass plank road + glass cable bridge. It also incorporates high-altitude challenges such as 5D cracking effect, glass hanging gallery, glass steps and volley microsteps product. It has a total length of 202 meters and a suspended span of 72 meters. It is 3.5 times the top of the U-shaped bridge (21 meters) of the Grand Canyon in the United States. It is a glass platform with a diameter of 16.8 meters. Looking up from the bottom is like the outside of the sky. There are two harbor-style transparent viewing platforms on the bridge. Glass bridge incorporates "5D rupture" effect, "mountain rupture", "glass rupture". It is a glass bridge that will be "broken"! It will be the world's longest, widest and largest aerial sightseeing new hegemon, and it is a veritable "Boba"!
Tourist Tram - Take the first tour of the country - sightseeing theme tram / along the Huahai River. Shuttle the new city landmark. Take a look at the flower city. Enjoy the new look of Guangzhou.

B / L / D 5☆ Fusha International Trade Yucca Hotel or similar

Ersha Island / Zhujiang New Town / CITIC Plaza / East Station Square / Haixinsha Park / overlook Canton Tower /Guangzhou Opera House / Guangdong Museum / Flower City Square / Foshan / Wu Family Courtyard / Shunfeng Arch / Daliang Street

Shunfeng Arch - Is a landmark building in Shunfengshan Park, because of its large scale and is called as “China’s first arch’. Then, visit the Tibetan Medicine Museum.
Flower City Square - Located in the Central Axis in Zhujiang New Zone. The area of this square is 560,000 square meters, about 8 to 10 times than the People Square. It’s now the largest square in Guangzhou. Then, visit the jade and jewelry exhibition hall.
Guangzhou Tower - Is the landmark of Guangzhou. The tower is 600 meters high and is the tallest tower in China. It can overlook the panoramic view of Guangzhou. Even don't entry the tower, you also can shoot the appearance. Wujia Courtyard Yuanlou Overseas Chinese Township Museum - The house now covers an area of about 7,000 square meters. There are 6 large houses, 4 high-rise buildings and gardens, pavilions, etc. The architectural style is combined with Chinese and Western styles, each with its own characteristics. It is a rare ancient building in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China in Foshan, Guangdong.

B / L / D 5☆ Royal Duke Cherrabah Hotel or similar

Former Residence of Sun Yat Sen / Gongbei Underground Market / Zhuhai Fisher Girl / Couple Beach Road / Jingshan Park

Former Residence of Zhongshan - Located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, across the sea from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, it is a monumental museum with the former residence of Sun Yat-sen. As the most famous scenic spot in Zhongshan City, the four golden characters "The World is the Public" outside the scenic spot are especially eye-catching.
Gongbei Underground Market - Gongbei Underground Market is an open shopping mall located on the ground floor of Gongbei Port Plaza. It occupies two floors on the ground floor of the square with over 100 shops offering a wide range of apparel, electronics and audio-visual products at affordable prices. Then, visit the latex exhibition hall.
Zhuhai Fisher Girl - Facing beautiful Xianglu Bay, The Fisher Girl Statue is regarded as the signature artwork of Zhuhai.

B / L / D

Zhuhai Opera House / Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge / Ruins of St.Paul’s / Car Tour Golden Lotus Square / Car Tour Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre / The Venetian

Zhuhai Opera House-Amusium pleuronectes - Zhuhai Grand Theatre is a new landmark building in Zhuhai. It is located in the northern part of the wild beaver island of Zhuhai Lovers Road. It is designed with large and small “Sun Moon Shell”. The large shell is called “Japanese Shell” and is 90 meters high. It can accommodate nearly 1600 spectators. The small shell is called "moon shell" and is a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 500 spectators. There is a viewing platform in the theater to facilitate the audience to watch the sea.
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge - The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is nearly 50 kilometers long and the main bridge is about 29.6 kilometers long. It is a bridge and tunnel joint structure, including a submarine tunnel with a length of about 6.7 kilometers and four artificial islands. With a design life of 120 years, it is now the world's longest immersed tunnel and the world's longest bridge and tunnel combination.
Ruins of St.Paul’s - Is the ruins of the front anterior wall of the Mother Church of Macau. The Ruins of St. Paul is one of Macau iconic buildings and one of the eight sights of Macau.
Golden Lotus Square - Is a gift from the Central Government of China to the Macao Special Administrative Region Government when it returned to China. It is one of Macau's famous landmarks and tourist attractions. The lotus shape is used because the logo of the Macao Special Administrative Region is a lotus flower.
The Venetian Macao Resort - is the most luxurious place in Macau. surounding by the golden decoration. It is a famous attraction in Macau. It is a must-see for tourists from Macau, including hotels, conventions, shopping, sports, variety and leisure facilities. place. The theme of the hotel is Venetian Venice, which is filled with Venetian arches, small canals and stone roads. It is full of Italian romantic wild exoticism.

❋ Silk Exhibition Hall ❋ Tibetan Medicine Museum ❋ Jade Gallery ❋ Jewelry Exhibition Hall ❋ Latex Exhibition Hall
✔ 畅游著名石景山公园,珠海渔女,中山故居,广州歌剧院
✔ 参观珠海迷人景点珠海渔女,情侣海滨路
✔ 游览澳门地标性建筑物《大三巴》
✔ 乘坐豪华游船夜游珠江,赏广州夜景
✔ 参观澳门金沙威尼斯度假村
✿ 名家豪门宴
✿ 唐人食街风味
✿ 粤菜风味
✿ 西关风情宴
✿ 粤品轩风味
✿ 清远鸡风味
第 1
吉隆坡 - 澳门 - 珠海
机上用餐 5☆ 皇爵卓尔巴酒店或同级


第 2
珠海 - 清远 - 广州
早 / 午 / 晚 5☆ 南洋长胜酒店或同级

云天玻霸破四项世界记录,世界最大、世界最长、世界最宽、世界最高 - 古龙峡玻璃桥 / 乘旅游观光有轨电车

古龙峡玻璃桥 - 古龙峡玻璃大峡谷又名云天玻霸,是集玻璃平台+玻璃栈道+玻璃索桥为一体的高空观光玻璃组合,同时融入了5D破裂效果、玻璃悬廊、玻璃台阶、凌空微步等高空挑战产品。全长202米,悬空跨度72米。是美国科罗拉多大峡谷的U形桥(21米)的3.5倍顶部是一个直径16.8米的玻璃平台。从底部仰视犹如天外来客桥上有2个港湾式透明观景台。玻璃桥融入“5D破裂”效果,“山崩地裂”、“玻璃破裂”是一条会“碎”的玻璃桥! 将问鼎世界最长、最宽、最大的空中观光新霸主,是名副其实的“玻霸”!
乘旅游观光有轨电车 - 乘全国首列旅游观光-醉观光主题有轨电车/沿著花海江畔.穿梭新城地标.一览花城旖旎.领略广州新貌。

第 3
广州 - 佛山 - 顺德 - 中山
早 / 午 / 晚 5☆ 国贸逸豪酒店或同级

二沙岛 / 珠江新城 / 中信广场 / 东站广场 / 海心沙亚运公园 / 外观广州新电视塔 / 广州歌剧院 / 广东省博物馆 / 花城广场 / 佛山 / 南海吴家大院碉楼 / 顺峰大牌坊 / 大良特产一条街

顺峰大牌坊 - 是顺峰山公园内的标志性建筑,因其规模大而被称为“中华第一牌坊”。接着,参观藏药馆。
花城广场 - 花城广场被誉为广州“城市客厅”,是广州市最大的广场。目前种植了超过600棵大树和古树,约两公里长的步行木栈道和占地超过1.5万平方米的浮岛湖。接着,参观玉器和珠宝展览馆。
广州新电视塔 - 广州塔是广州的地标,塔高600米,为国内第一高塔,可以俯瞰广州全景。其头尾相当,腰身玲珑细长,又有“小蛮腰”之称,到晚上会亮灯,即使不游塔,也可来此拍摄外观。
佛山/南海吴家大院碉楼侨乡博物馆 - 宅院现占地约7000平方米,现存6幢镬耳大屋、4幢高层洋楼及花园、亭阁等,建筑风格中西合璧,各具时代特色,是广东佛山地区难得的清末民初古建筑群,也是九江现存最大的华侨房。现为佛山市文物保护单位,九江侨乡博物馆,见证了九江的侨乡文化。中山-珠海

第 4
中山 - 珠海
早 / 午 / 晚 5☆ 皇爵卓尔巴酒店或同级

中山故居 / 拱北地下城商场 / 珠海渔女 / 情侣海滨路 / 石景山公园(不含缆车)

中山故居 - 位于广东中山,与深圳香港隔海相望,是以孙中山故居为主体的纪念性博物馆。作为中山市最有名的景点,景区外四个金色大字“天下为公”格外瞩目,是游人首选的拍照留念地。
拱北地下城商场 - 拱北地下商城是位于拱北口岸广场地下的一个开放式的大型购物中心,它占据广场地下两层,拥有过百间店铺,提供各式各样价格优惠的服饰,电子产品,以及音像制品。接着,参观乳胶展览馆。
珠海渔女 - 珠海渔女石雕身高8.7米,重量10吨,由70件花岗岩石组合而成。珠海渔女的形像颈戴项珠、腰系网具、裤脚轻挽、双手高举一颗晶莹璀璨的珍珠、面容带著喜悦而又含羞的神情,向世界昭示著光明,向人类

第 5
珠海 - 澳门 - 吉隆坡
早 / 午 / 晚

珠海大剧院 / 港珠澳大桥 / 大三巴 / 车游盛世莲花 / 车游望海观音 / 金沙威尼斯度假村

珠海大剧院-日月贝 - 珠海大剧院是珠海的新地标式建筑,坐落於珠海市情侣路野狸岛北部,以一大一小的“日月贝”为设计造型大贝壳被称为“日贝”,高90米,可容纳接近1600位观众,小贝壳被称为“月贝”,是可容纳500位观众的的多功能厅。剧院内有观景台,方便观众观山看海。
港珠澳大桥 - 港珠澳大桥全长近50公里,主桥全长约29.6公里。为桥隧结合结构,包括一条长约6.7公里的海底隧道及四个人工岛。设计寿命为120年,现为世界上最长的沉管隧道、及世界跨海距离最长的桥隧组合公路。
大三巴 - 其正式名称为圣保禄大教堂遗址,一般称为大三巴或牌坊,是澳门天主之 母教堂正面前壁的遗址。大三巴牌坊是澳门的标志性建筑物之一,同时也为“澳门八景”之一。
盛世莲花 - 盛世莲花是澳门在回归中国时,中国中央赠送给澳门特别行政区政府的礼物。是澳门著名地标及旅游景点之一,会使用莲花造型是因为澳门特别行政区的标志是一朵莲花。
金沙威尼斯度假村 - 澳门威尼斯人度假酒店极尽奢华,到处金碧辉煌,是澳门的著名景点,它集酒店、会展、购物、体育、综艺及休闲设施于一体的综合性场所,是来澳门游客的必游之地。酒店以水都威尼斯为主题,内部布满威尼斯特色拱桥、小运河及石板路,充满意式浪漫狂放的异国风情。这里有亚洲豪华的套房、大运河购物区、水疗中心。更拥有世界桌数量多的大厅。

第 6
❋ 丝绸展览馆 ❋ 藏药馆 ❋ 玉器展览馆 ❋ 珠宝展览馆 ❋ 乳胶展览馆
The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements. 上述行程仅供参考,原则上本公司会尽量保持内容不变,然而正确行程乃依据当地接待社按当时实际情况重新调整后为准。